The Real Health Insurance

By Kevin Durkin

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The premiums that are deducted from your paycheck every week have the label “Health Insurance.” But is it really insurance for health or insurance for illness?

Living in a state of health is the difference in playing to win and playing not to lose. A person who uses insurance for illness waits for the body to tell the Self, in the most dramatic terms, how to take care of it. Colds, allergies, ulcers, insomnia, depression, and heart attacks are all the bodies way of saying in a loud voice, “Please pay attention and take care of me.”

The person who uses insurance for health does not need the loud voice. The Self hears the quiet whisper of a voice that says “I need natural foods, I need a massage, I need Yoga.”

The competitive goal oriented ego replies “ I don’t have the time for all that. Do you how much a massage costs? You’re not catching me trying to put my foot behind my head.”

So the body has no choice but to teach the ego what taking time is. An hour on the massage table, twice a month or recovery time flat on your back? The extra time and expense of natural foods or the politically charged subject of prescription medication? Stretching, opening, and balancing in a Yoga class or letting the surgeon do it for you, with sharp instruments. The give and take between the Body, The Ego, and The Self make these decisions.

We call Massage Therapy, Bodywork, because that’s what we can get our hands on. The work goes deeper than the surface of the body. The nerves that enervate the skin, enervate the organs in that same area. Rub the tummy, help the digestive tract. Backrub, help the kidneys filter the blood. Stroke the forehead, quiet the frontal lobe of the brain. Quiet the brain, the peri-sympathetic, rest and relaxation response in activated. And then the quiet whisper of a voice can be heard.

Yoga-It’s Not What You Think. Words are insufficient to describe this 5000 year old art of Self-Realization. You cannot understand it by watching someone else do it or hearing them explain the benefits. Every day when I step on my mat to practice, I give thanks for having found this Science 26 years ago, and having practiced it ever since.

The choice for health insurance is in your hands.

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